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Grant Applications.
The Bitou Threat Abatement Program document is intended to promote best practices in control of the Bitou bush, and is used state-wide by all those working to remediate our coastline. The various sections may be viewed below.
Bitou TAP (July 2006)
Bitou TAP Introduction
Bitou TAP Strategy
Bitou TAP Biology
Bitou TAP Control Planning
Bitou TAP Habitats
Bitou TAP Control Methods
Bitou TAP Restoration
Bitou TAP Monitoring Progress
Bitou TAP Case Studies
Bitou TAP Further Information
Bitou TAP Appendices
NPWS Hat Head NP.
The Ten-year Plan is made up of the four volumes listed below.

Volume 1: Background. (in preparation)

Volume 2. Maps.These are stored in the "Visuals"-"Maps" tab of the menu bar.

Volume 3. Priority Action Plan.
Catchments 1 to 9 Master action plan.
Catchment 1 action plan.
Catchment 2 action plan.
Catchment 3 action plan.
Catchment 4 action plan.
Catchment 5 action plan.
Catchment 6 action plan.
Catchment 7 action plan.
Catchment 8 action plan.
Catchment 9 action plan.

Volume 4. Monitoring.
Monitoring Sites from NPWS action plan.
Miscellaneous documents are to be found here.
2011 SWRDC Annual General Meeting (minutes).