In late 2010 we were pleased to welcome a group of Volunteers from Pittwater Eco-Warriors. One of them, John Illingsworth (camera), with the aid of Alan Hill (SWRDC chairman and presenter), made some really well-produced videos showing our work.

A picture is worth a thousand words - these videos give a good idea of what we are about.

Alan Hill explains how the tenacious bitou bush overcomes the native plants, how it destabilises the dunes, and how we can control it.

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Here we show the splatter gun, and see how the use of this new tool helps make efficient use of our time and effort.
Beautiful Gap Beach is used as an example of how, after bitou removal, the natural plants and animals re-colonize an area and help return this wonderful area to its original state.
Allan Yuille looks at the diverse heathland plants near Little Bay and Monument Hill.
Here we see follow-up with volunteers after fire, removing bitou seedlings and leaving natives to regenerate
Alan and Ian survey progress and expresse confidence in the future.
Other Videos about weed species, although not made in the SWR area, are still relevant.
Senna Bush.     Moth Vine.     Ochna.     Asparagus Fern.     Madeira Vine.