About South West Rocks Dune Care.

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About South West Rocks Dune Care. SWRDC was established in 1991. We are an enthusiastic group made up of local and visiting volunteers. We undertake bush regeneration work on public lands, around South West Rocks, between the Macleay River mouth and South Smoky Beach.

We are greatly supported by the NPWS and receive in-kind contributions from Kempsey Shire Council. We have applied for, and received, grant funding which allows us to employ contractors to assist us where necessary. Skill levels within the group range from beginners to qualified bush regenerators.

As well as the satisfaction of helping restore this wonderful coastline to a highly resilient condition, we have some fun along the way. There is always time for a swim in the afternoon and a BBQ or get-together in the evening!

Our Mission Statement in 1991 was:

"our long term goal is to eradicate Bitou Bush from an area bounded by the Smoky Beach access track, in the south, to the Macleay River Mouth some 15km to the north."

We are well on the way to achieving that goal!

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Beautiful SWR coastline
The Challenge. To the east of South West Rocks is Arakoon State Conservation Area and the northern section of Hat Head NP. The area is highly bio-diverse and contains several Endangered Ecological Communities. It is simply one of the most beautiful spots on the NSW coast.

However, like much of the coast, this area has been severely degraded by weed invasion and in particular by Bitou Bush. These and several other factors contribute to make this area the highest priority site on the Bitou Bush Threat Abatement Program for NSW. So there is a strong need to control weeds, and in particular Bitou Bush, in the area before it is too late.

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Some of our members.
Our response. SWRDC works to control invasive weeds and encourage regeneration of native plants and return of native animals. Over the past 20 years, but particularly over the last 10 years, our group has developed a clear and effective strategy to control weeds over a 15km section of the coastline encompassing approximately 850 Ha. of coastal vegetation.

We have an active local and visiting volunteer program, supported by contractors, who are funded through state and federal government grants. SWRDC applies for and administers the grant funding directly. Our combined efforts have brought dramatic improvements, but there is still plenty to do!

The Future. Over the past 20 years we have gained and developed significant skills in our battle with weed invaders. These have now been documented and form the basis for our recently developed 10 year Weed Management Action Plan. The detailed strategy set out in the plan will guide our activities through to 2021.

The 10 year Plan can be viewed in from the "Documents" tab in the "Downloads" drop down menu.